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Thank you everyone who has supported Stillwater Premier Bengals. It has been a dream come true to be able to stay home with my kids and raise bengals and enjoy something I am passionate about. There is nothing more rewarding seeing a families face light up when they bring a new kitten home. We are blessed to have this opportunity starting in 2016 and continue this dream job. We have worked with some extraordinary people and families. I want to give a shout out to our veterinary team who has worked very closely with us; almost a daily occurrence. Another shout out to Susan with the MN Board of Animal Health for coming out and doing her annual inspections; she has been very pleasant to work with. Shout out to Tiffany from CFA for inviting us to the MN state fair to showcase our bengals. Shout out to our other organizations that we are part of: TICA,TIBCS, Bengal Cat Club. 

Thanks for the help from our family and friends.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.

We love you all !

The Lorenz’s 

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