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Customer Reviews

I am delighted that we chose you to provide us with a kitten. I won't hesitate to recommend you.

-Kelly in Lino Lakes, MN

The vet said she was so friendly for a Bengal, so your breeding temperament is good!

-Jennifer in Shoreview, MN 

My experience with Stillwater Premier Bengal Cats Studding has been a 10/10! Prince Luki is such a handsome cat and was well-disposed with my queen. They produced some of the most beautiful kittens! 4 with rosettes and 1 spotted 😍 The Lorenz’s were very friendly and approachable, and they were also professional. They provided me with paperwork explaining the whole process and were available to answer any questions I had! I highly recommend stud Prince Luki and will be looking forward to future litters from my cat with him! The kittens are 18 days old and were born big, beautiful and healthy!

-From Alexis Superior, WI

Sarah Panek Review copy.jpg
Sarah Panek Review.jpg

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